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The Hydrology Department ensures methodical and operational management of the hydrological network that includes 1 hydrological station and 47 hydrological posts on the rivers Prut and Nistru, their tributaries and smaller rivers.

 Main Tasks of the Department:

    The technological process of the information development for the users has four main stages:

    Receipt of information

    Daily observations on water level, precipitations, water and air temperature, water turbidity; seasonal observations on ice formation and on its thickness; water discharge.

    Collection of information

    Monthly, the information from the hydrological posts is sent to the hydrological stations; daily until 8.30, the information from the informational posts is sent to the Chişinău-Apă to be operatively processed and to develop the hydrological forecasts.

    Process of information

    The process of information is started by the observer of the hydrological post and is finished in the Hydrology Department of the Service.

    The result – edition of the: "The annual data on the regime and state of the surface water resources", "State Water Cadastre", "The guidelines of the multiannual characteristics".

    Dissemination of the information

    The end-user can receive the information from the issued materials as well as operatively, as daily data on:

    Hydrology Department includes the following subdivisions:

                            ORGANIGRAM OF THE HYDROLOGY DEPARTMENT    

  List of hydrological stations on the rivers and canals, whose information is available on the Hydrology Department


Chief of the HD                    V. Cazac                 - tel: (022) 77-36-22

e-mail: valeriu.cazac@meteo.gov.md