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Meteorological Forecast Centre

The main task of the Meteorological Forecast Centre (MFC) is to provide local and central public authorities, economic agents and population with the weather forecasts for 1 to 5 days and to issue information about extreme and unfavourable weather phenomena.

Qualified specialists continuously analyse and issue short-range forecasts (for next 24h) and medium range forecasts (for next 2-7 days). In addition to that the level of the forecast veracity is evaluated and the hydrometeorological data archive is continuously updated.

Meteorological information is delivered to users through modern communication means, including Internet, telephone, and fax in printed, audio and visual forms as well as by means of interviews. Various branches of national economy such as agriculture, transport, railroad, construction and power sector are provided with “Technical notes” that present the dependence of these branches on the meteorological conditions.

The scheme of met data transmission to the central and local authorities and other institutions was elaborated. Besides that, the Meteorological and Aeronautical Forecasting Centre is developing the yearly Report on the Hazardous Hydrometeorological Phenomena and the Sudden Changes in Weather for the previous year.

According to meteorological forecasting service Guidance, systematically is analyzed the quality of meteorological information issued by MFC, to be determined the degree of veracity thereof.

In order to adjust the national system of warning of dangerous weather phenomena to international norms, since August 16, 2010 have been set 4 color warning codes.

From 1st January 2016 SHS became the member of the EUMETNET (EMMA/Meteoalarm and OPERA). Community that integrates all important severe weather information originating from the Official National Public Weather Services across a large number of European countries.

Chief of the Center, Roșca Ghennadii