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Hydrological Forecasts Department

The Hydrological Forecast Department (HFD) is a subdivision within the Hydrological Center of the State Hydrometeorological Service.

The main activity is to provide the population of central and local public administration bodies, branches of the national economy, decision makers with forecasts, warnings, consultations and hydrological bulletins.

  • Development, editing and dissemination of short, medium and long-term hydrological forecasts and hydrological warnings on dangerous phenomena for rivers and water basins in the country;
  • Ensuring the operational exchange of hydrological information (hydrological diagnoses and forecasts) with neighbouring countries for transboundary rivers;
  • Elaboration, editing and dissemination of special reports for the analysis of hydrological phenomena, technical reports for extreme hydrological events;
  • Coordinating the monitoring activities and collecting the necessary information from the National Hydrological Monitoring Network for the coherent and operative activity of the Department;
  • Guidance and methodological verification regarding the use of hydrological forecasts;
  • Execution of contracts with economic agents and applicants regarding the provision of hydrological forecasts;
  • Involvement in research projects on hydrological forecasts;
  • Implementation of new forecasting methodologies, as well as integration with other forecasting models or monitoring systems that are implemented in various research and development projects;

In cases of dangerous hydrological phenomena, HFD employees are mobilized operatively and have a 24-hour activity program with operative tasks:

  • elaboration, editing and dissemination of hydrological forecasts, warnings and bulletins regarding the hydrological diagnosis and forecast for the rivers and water basins in the country with a frequency of 2 hours.