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Agrometeorological Monitoring Center

The purpose of the operational tasks and of the applied researches carried out in the Agrometeorological Monitoring Center (AMC) is the contribution to the efficiency improving of the agricultural production in the Republic of Moldova and its sustainable development. Different types of operational activities, such as agrometeorological analysis of weather conditions, forecasts and warnings are used in the determination of the planting and harvesting timing, productivity assessment, planning of economic policy measures and other forms of short-term and long-term activity planning in agriculture. The historical agro-meteorological data and the results of the agro-climatic and other applied researches, as well as the assessment of the climate change on the territory of Moldova are serving for their self a basis for the rational use of the agricultural lands, choice of species and varieties of crops, production adjustment to the climate change and other aspects of the long-term planning in agriculture. The agrometeorological observations data are published since 1955 into agrometeorological yearbooks and agro climatic guidelines. The agrometeorological forecasts in the Republic of Moldova are carried out on 13 weather stations and 19 agrometeorological posts.

The specialists of the Agrometeorological Monitoring Center (AMC) carry out the following types of work and prepare the following information:

  1. Analysis and preparation of reference about the impact of weather conditions on crops during the week, decade ,month and during the vegetation period, agriculture year.
  2. Calculations and forecasts:

Services offered by the de Agrometeorological Monitoring Center

Chief of the Center, Tatiana Mironova