March 2014, Chisinau


The first roving seminar for farmers entitled: "Weather and Climate"

held on 12 and 13 March 2014 in Chisinau


With the view to support the realization of the Global Framework for Climate Services’ Implementation   Plan,  approved   at  the  extraordinary  session  of  the  WMO  Congress on 31 October 2012, the State Hydrometeorological Service of the Republic of Moldova organized the first roving seminar for farmers entitled: "Weather and Climate".

The seminar took place on 12 and 13 March 2014 in Chisinau. It was hosted by the State Hydrometeorological Service and organized with the kind support of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Moldova and the World Meteorological Organization.

The seminar was conceived in the form of dialogue in order to improve and expand the range of essential climate services for agriculture.

The main objective of the seminar was to familiarize the invited agriculturists and farmers with the climate risks and the ways of disaster prevention and mitigation through acquisition and management of the information provided by the State Hydrometeorological Service.

The workshop was dedicated to the use of the weather and climate related information by the farmers. The following weather and climate related products and services have been discussed:

a) related to weather:

-Short-term forecasts,

-Long-term forecasts,

-Weather interactive maps.

b ) related to climate:

-Seasonal climate models,


-Warnings of unfavorable weather or hazardous meteorological phenomena

- Predictions of climate changes in the region and their implications,

- Climate risks in the context of various crops’ production,

- A better risk management.

c) Use of the rain gauges and of the rainfall records by farmers.

The expected results:

• Increased confidence in the professionalism of SHS,

• Improving the interaction between farmers, agriculturists and other potential users of    the services provided by SHS,

• Improving the communication channels between SHS and agencies of agricultural extension,

• Improving the provision of information based on feedback received from farmers,

• Perception of current methods of weather forecasting,

• Perception of information published on the SHS’ web site in a user friendly format, particularly for the prevention of dangerous meteorological phenomena, thus, mitigating the consequences of climate disaster and improving the quality of products relevant for the agricultural sector.

• Conducting the workshop in an interactive way accompanied by a good and understandable dialogue for farmers.

• Providing answers to the most common questions from farmers regarding the weather and climate, issues in their agricultural operations and nature of the assistance required to facilitate operational, effective, fair and timely decision making by farmers.

The event was attended by 45 agricultural agencies represented by 56 farmers and agriculturists. The State Hydrometeorological Service was represented by administration and specialists in the agro-meteorological field. The seminar was also attended by the representatives of the media.  

The seminar was opened by Mr Anatolie Putuntica, Director of the State Hydrometeorological Service and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Moldova with WMO. Throughout the two days, the meeting discussions were moderated by Mrs Svetlana Ştirbu – Prime vice director  of  the  State  Hydrometeorological Service and Mr Gabriel Gâlcă – Head of the Environmental Quality Monitoring Department of the State Hydrometeorological Service.

The event was concluded by handing to each representative of agricultural agencies rain gauges, consisting of graduated tube of glass and metal support. The rain gauges will then be installed on agricultural land of farmers' associations to measure the quantity of rainfall and thus, to support the decisions-making process in agricultural activities.

The meeting agenda, the list of participants, the welcome speech, the press release and the photo gallery illustrating the amplitude of the event are attached.

Two more roving seminars will be organized in the field. The venue and the date will be announced in due time.




Permanent Representative of the Republic of Moldova with WMO












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