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   For a successful functionality, Environmental Quality Monitoring Department has implemented, set, document and maintain a quality management system for its activity. Its effectiveness is continuously improved and perfected in accordance to the requirements of the international standard SM SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2006, in order to comply professional practice established by the requirments of National Accreditation Centre.
      In order to measure service quality and to develop a common set of principles and procedures there are used quality standards.
      Objectives of Management System:
•    Clear statement of the quality policy;
•  Motivation and continuous improvement of the professional practice level of the staff who participate at the achievement tests, at its familiarization with documents on Management System and implementation of policies and procedures in its work;
•    Knowledge and compliance of normative and legislative documents;
•    Provision of sampling, measuring and testing equipment, as well as creating environmental conditions good for achievement tests;
•    Continuous increase  of the performance and satisfaction of the customer and other stakeholders;
•    Performing periodic review of the management system in order to improve it;
•    Full, harmonious and multilateral development of the Direction according to rules, standards and international requirements ;
•    Accreditation of testing laboratories in compliance with National Accreditation Centre.
    Documentation of Quality Management System is represented by the quality manual, procedures of management system (PSM), operational procedures (PO) documents necessary to ensure effective planning and control of activities, quality records, legal documents and guides.

Quality Manager        Valentina Iurcu                    tel: (022) 57-38-16
                                                                               e-mail:  dmcm.manager.calitate@gmail.com