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Background Ambient Air Pollution Forecasting Division (BAAPFD) prepares the operative forecast  of  the atmospheric  air  fond  background  pollution  in: Chişinău,  Bălţi, Tiraspol, Tighina, Rîbniţa cities and Mateuţi village (Rezina district).
        The personnel BAAPFD carries out:
•    investigation of accumulation and dissemination conditions of the noxious agents;
•    systematically elaboration of forecasts on air quality in the monitored localities and determines the character of interaction between the atmospheric air and meteorological conditions;
•    development and transmission of warnings about the eventual changes of the air quality level;
•    development of recommendations for the work regime of relevant enterprises during the unfavourable meteorological conditions.
•    Everyday at 1100 BAAPFD stores, analyses and interprets the data on atmospheric air pollution fromi the analytical laboratories and the data on the radioactive background from 18 stations on the territory of the Republic.
•    On a basis of the data assessment of the levels, conditions and pollution coverage, warnings relating to reduction of maximal level of pollution are prepared for the enterprises, local and central public administration organs, decision makers, according the Scheme approved by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.                  
•    Systematically, the information on overriding of the sanitary norms and air pollution forecasting for the current and following day are disseminated in mass media. Though for the economic agents a bulletin on atmospheric air pollution is prepared daily.
•    Recommendations for the reduction of the background atmospheric air pollution level in the urban localities have a significant contribution for the enterprises included in the list of economic agents, whose emissions are considerably contributing to the atmospheric air composition.

Chief of the BAAPFC                   Galina Catenco                  tel: (022) 77-36-14    
                                                                                                     e-mail:  sppa@meteo.md