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The Expedition Group

    The Expedition Group (EG) is responsible for the systematic collection of soil samples every spring before sowing and every autumn after harvesting from 8 households of 8 districts of the republic. The overall collection of samples is carried out on a total surface of circa 6772 ha.
    The EG specialists also collect samples of aquatic alluviums from the Costeşti, Dubăsari, Ghidighici, Comrat and Taraclia reservoirs, Cahul and Beleu lakes, Manta system of lakes and Prut, Nistru, Bîc rivers, as well as recreational areas of Chişinău city.
    Another very important task of the group is systematic collection of surface water samples from 72 monitoring sections, set up on 34 big and small rivers, six reservoirs and 2 natural lakes, their preservation and transportation to the central laboratory in accordance with the requirements and the methods for collection and transportation, to be further analyzed by 72 hydrochemical parameters and 5 groups of hydrobiological elements.
   During its operation, the EG meets the requirements stipulated in the Methodical Guidance in relation to the collocation, conservation, transportation and transmission to laboratories of the samples.
    The expedition group is provided with a mobile laboratory, modern techniques and tools for surface water express analysis of following physic-chemical parameters: pH, temperature, saturated oxygen, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity and transparency.

Engineer                             Josan Anatolie                       tel: (022) 76-24-66