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Enviroment Quality Monitoring

Environmental Quality Monitoring Department (EQMD) within the State Hydrometeorological Service performs systematic ecological monitoring of the quality of environmental components (surface water, air, soil, sediments, atmospheric precipitations, γ-radiation etc.) according to a monitoring network throughout the entire territory of the Republic of Moldova.
    The national monitoring system regarding environmental quality was established in the sixth decade of the last century, but systematic observations started in 1980 currently having as priority objectives:    
•    monitoring of the environmental quality and determining the pollution level;    
•    detection of extremely high pollution of surface water, air and soil;
•    prevention and mitigation of negative effects on environment and population;
•    emergency warning about extremely high pollution of environmental components;
•    informing systematically the public about environmental quality.
    Being provided with adequate human and technical potential, as well as holding the Accreditation Certificate Nr. LÎ - 023 (previous nr. LÎ 01 220) of 21st of February 2014 according to international standard ISO/CEI 17025, the EQMD includes 7 subdivisions:
•    Expedition Group (EG);
•    Surface Water Quality Monitoring Centre (SWQMC);
•    Soil Quality Monitoring Centre (SQMC);
•    Ambient Air Quality Monitoring and Radioactive Background Level Centre (AAQMRBLC);
•    Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Division Bălţi city (AAQMD);
•    Chemical and Physical Analysis Center (CPAC);
•    Centre on Integrated Ecological Monitoring and Informational Management (CIEMIM).

          Organizational Chart of Environmental Quality Monitoring Department

At present the national monitoring system contributes at solving some of the most important problems related to environmental quality, integration of environmental issues in the economic sector, as well as, promotion of sustainable development.
         The subdivisions of EQMD activate in the frame of:
•    Danube River Protection Convention;
•    Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants;
•    Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents;
•    Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution
•    as well as according to other national and regional bilateral and multilateral agreements between Repubic of Moldova and neighboring countries.

Chief of EQMD                           Gavril Gîlcă                          tel: (022) 76-68-55    
                                                                                                    e-mail: gabrielg@mail.ru
Deputy Chief of EQMD            Natalia Zgîrcu                      tel: (022) 76-24-66    
                                                                                                    e-mail: nataliaracovet1901@yahoo.com