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The State Hydrometeorological Service is subordinated to the Ministry of Environment and is functioning according to the Government Law No. 401 from 3 April 2003 on the hydrometeorological activity in the Republic of Moldova.

The administration of the Service is carried out by its Director appointed by the Government entaccording to the Government Law No. 401 from 3 April 2003.

In the actual formula, the Service comprises three main fields of activity: 

The director has a first deputy director and a deputy director, appointed and dismissed by the Ministry of Environment.

The main administration body of the Service is the Technical and Scientific Council headed by the director of the State Hydrometeorological Service.

According to the Republic of Moldova Parliament Decision No.210-XIII from 29 July 1994, the Republic of Moldova joined the World Meteorological Organization, and the director of the Service is the Permanent Representative of the republic within this organization.

The specialists of the Service participate in the programmes and project of the  CIS Intergovernmental Council on Hydrometeorology on the basis of the Bilateral Agreement in the field of hydrometeorology, signed by the Republic of Moldova on 8 February 1992.

The main tasks of the State Hydrometeorological Service are: 

  1. To monitor the state and evolution of the hydrometeorological conditions and environment quality with the purpose to protect the population and economical agents from dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena and from environmental pollution;
  2. Elaborate meteorological, aeronautical, agrometeorological, hydrological forecasts as well as the forecast on the environmental pollution;
  3. To issue warnings on hydrometeorological hazardous phenomena, as well as on the environmental pollution;
  4. To meet the demand for hydrometeorological information of the population, economic agents, national security, public authorities;
  5. Establish and operate the Hydrometeorological Data State Fund in support of hydrometeorological justification, design, construction and exploitation of socio-economic objects;
  6. Participate in the international data exchange within the global observing system and to fulfill the commitments under the conventions and international agreements signed by the Republic of Moldova.
Interim Director Mihail Grigoraș
tel: (022) 77-35-11
e-mail: hidrometeo@meteo.gov.md